Lullaby Beach

(Meindert Inderwisch)


Broken guitars on Lullaby Beach
In tune with the sea, its sad symphony
The bluest of sounds rests here in the deep
Now sing me a song that puts me to sleep

Just look at how the sunrays place
Their gold upon the waves
Then tell me you are blind to beauty
Pain, like happiness will pass
A piece of broken glass will turn into a child’s diamond

Your voice seems to rise from a depth I don’t know
Beating its wings through this darkness below
Still I can’t believe in the turning of tides
Hope steals my faith by telling me lies

Just look at how the seagulls dive
They’re so attached to life
Yet they will never get entangled
You must learn how to let go
To bend with every blow
Though I know that it’s so hard to

Vocals: Meindert & Frederike Inderwisch
Basgitaar: Kees den Hoed
Slagwerk: Han Wouters
Guitar: Chris Peeters
Keyboards: Ad Moelands

Copyright © 2021 Deep green suites
KvK: 20167524
BTW: NL001113024B47