(Meindert Inderwisch)

(“Das Glück ist dort wo ich nicht bin” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

You grow up in films and pages
Wait for your heart to bloom
But most love is kept in cages
And most hopes are led to ruin

Your beauty’s begrudged yet fading
The child that you were won’t sleep
The thieves of your years are raiding
The prizes you wanted to reap


Still you walk the boulevards
And drive round at night
But things don’t move where you are
If you’d only let go go, they just might


Tick Tock goes the clock
What you want’s not what you’ve got
Work, strife, here’s your life
Don’t you think you’ve had enough

Don’t look for truth with liars
Throw out the weight of posing fools
You don’t have to reach much higher
To get to your own set of rules

Vocals: Frederike Inderwisch
Basgitaar: Kees den Hoed
Slagwerk: Han Wouters
Guitar: Chris Peeters
Keyboards: Ad Moelands
Backing vocals: Meindert & Frederike Inderwisch

Copyright © 2021 Deep green suites
KvK: 20167524
BTW: NL001113024B47