For the sake of June

(Meindert Inderwisch)

Cold war, what’s it for

You didn’t have to go
I only tried to suggest a change
In the streams that we follow
Arrange the flowers of tomorrow
Was it asking too much to alter your touch

For the sake of June
Or the lonely moon
These skies will leave
Looking for clouds to believe
Looking for clouds when the rains won’t fall
To heed their call:

Return, through the naked words
And burn

There are floors to match
The kind of steps you take
They’re here
No place else will be near
No place left when you cut the strings
And a dead bird sings

Return, return

Vocals: Frederike Inderwisch
Bass guitar: Kees den Hoed
Guitars: Chris Peeters & Meindert Inderwisch
Keyboards: Ad Moelands

Copyright © 2021 Deep green suites
KvK: 20167524
BTW: NL001113024B47