Dolphin Bay

(Meindert Inderwisch)

There’s a place
In my mind
It’s where I go
From time to time

It’s where I walk
When winter screams
And I’m in need of
Something clean

Sometimes when I dream
I’m going down
Going down there


Dolphin Bay
Where the dolphins play
Dolphin Bay
And I can always stay

When this is all over
I’m going to build a home
It’s going to be on top of a hill
Looking over the water


So much to learn
So much ground to cover
So much to learn
So many bridges to burn, burn, burn


Vocals: Meindert Inderwisch
Bass guitar: Kees den Hoed
Drums: Han Wouters
Guitar: Chris Peeters
Backing vocals: Meindert & Frederike Inderwisch
Dubious dolphin impressions: Meindert Inderwisch

Copyright © 2021 Deep green suites
KvK: 20167524
BTW: NL001113024B47